About Adasan

Furnishing without limits!

ADASAN® was founded in 2003 and named after combination of company’s birth place ADAna and SANdalye which means chair in Turkish. After 25 years of experience in hospitality furniture industry, today our company offers premium quality service across the globe for global franchises and hospitality chains.

ADASAN® stands for consistent, progressive design and high-quality materials as well as innovative production methods.

ADASAN® stands for planting of olive saplings every year in a total of 47,000 m2 production facility, 26,000 m2 of which is closed, and production in accordance with ecological balance by offering the stored rainwater to agriculture.

Story of your chair

With more than thousand options our consultants welcomes you at our showrooms. After customers needs are determined, ADASAN® delicately manifactures your chairs, tables, sofas and accessories, at high-tech facility located in Adana/TR, where high quality materials meets expert craftsmanship. Quality check and packaging is made by our team then the journey of your products ends at our facility.

Imagination, Creation and Customization

ADASAN® puts flesh on the bones of inovative designs. In close collaboration with selected designers, architects and artists, the company develops unique products and supports artistic approaches that reflects the brand’s philosophy and its open attitude towards different cultures and disciplines. Not only customizing existing products, our company offers an opportunity for creating your very own designs. All custommade designs meet the company’s quality and sustainability standards, meeting the aesthetic preferences of the customer and the architect’s design.

After Marketing – Selling an Total Experience

ADASAN® can provide 2 years of standart worlwide warranty. Company believes that the after marketing operations is the most important part of a plesant business experince. Thus, ADASAN® has strict customer-care policy. We will consider ourself succesful as long as we keep our customers delighted.



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