Can we request dimension changes, upholstery options or wood color changes, etc. for choosen products?

Our products can be produced with the desired color, size or material in accordance with your project.

Are your products limited to those on your website and catalog, or do you have more options?

(Do you have more options than the products in your website and catalogs?)

You can contact us for project based products, custom made products or more options.

Can we order special products for our project?

We are working exclusively on projects. You can always find special solutions that you need for your projects.

Where can I find the price list of the products? Does prices vary according to any parameter?

Our prices may variy according to your preferences on products. Therefore you can always contact us that we can determine the prices according to your choices.

Do you have products in your stock? Can we get information about your production time?

Because of project focused custom made production, we do not keep stock nothing but some specific products. Our minimum delivery time is 30 days.

How do you arrange the shipping and assembly?

The shipping belongs to the our customers but we can always provide shipping solutions with our contracted companies upon request.

Product assemblies are made by our authorized personnel in the provinces where our company is located. For other regions, assembly belongs to buyers. If requested, we will direct our teams to your location, under a determined fee.

How long is your warranty period and what are the warranty conditions?

Our standart warranty is two years and covers every problem except consumer faults. Our warranty excludes defections that occurs by excessive and faulty usage of our products. (upholstery deformations, color changes, fractures etc.)

Which material do you usually use in your outdoor productions? Is the Iroko tree resistant to outdoor like a teak tree?

Our outdoor products are usually produced with aluminum, the most durable material for outdoor use. Iroko which has similar features wih teak tree is one of the outdoor materials that we use.



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