Whoever has the desire to turn a factory into an international company is not alone. There must be a reliable team that believes in this desire.

To be an international company that designs, maÆnufactures and sells products all over the world, having travelled a very long way in such a short period of time and in such a unique way…

Everyone who is included in the Adasan family; from the kitchen worker to the CNC technician, from the accountant to the salesman and even from the founder to every member of the family, everyone has worked selflessly and tirelessly to somehow be a part of this beautiful idea. Because they believed…

Believing brought trust; trusting led to succeeding and success brought growth.

Adasan is not just a factory with walls nor a chair and table projected by the desires and dreams of interior designers.

It is a huge family that never takes its eyes off success, renews its technology annually, holds on to each other with trust to stay one step ahead of its competitors in every project and make a difference with the signature of ADASAN...

Shortly Adasan’s vision: It is to channel and share all the creative energies gathered in its structure, which have managed to be one entity even though they come from different cultures, into a success in order to shape the ideas and projects of interior architects and designers.

To sum up, Adasan’s vision is to to shape the ideas and projects of interior architects and designers to success, through channelling and sharing all the creative, multicultural energies that it has gathered within itself.

The motivation to succeed is indispensable for everyone from the bottom up.


Thousands of architects and interior designers produce hundreds of projects daily in Turkey and around the world.

Every day, brand new designs are lining up on production tapes to come to life.

Our first task as Adasan is to DESERVE the most precious piece while this huge cake is being shared.

To deserve this, our mission is;



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